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Availability online - October 2015

Availability online.

This page shows the availability fo the Inca Trail online. Please, notice that:

  • The Inca Trail is closed every year in February for maintenance; so this month is not available.
  • The availability applies to the Inca Trail itself and not to our Agency. Any Agency you choose will have the same availability. Therefore, it is useless to contact another Agency if the date you want is not available.
  • A large number of available spaces does not mean at all that "there is still time". Some agencies group their requests together and it is not unusual to see 30 spaces go away in only 5 minutes.
  • Spaces indicated on this page are for the departure date of the 2-day or 4-day Trek (day 1). It doesn't matter if the other days are sold out or are out of the season. To make it simple, you can start your trek at any date marked in green.
  • Availability is controlled by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. Only they are able to manage and authorize the access to the Inca Trail.
  • According to the current regulations (Resolution nº 02-2003-UGM-CD), the access to the Inca Trail is limited to 500 people per day, including the personnel. For this reason, the number of available spaces on this page corresponds to spaces for trekkers, that is to say 40% of the total number (60% approximately is for the Trek personnel).
  • According to the same regulations, reservations can only be made up for the current season (from March to January).
  • For the next season, it is possible to pre-reserve the Trek by making a down payment now and paying the balance directly in Cusco (see further explanations).
  • For practical reasons, it is not possible to make reservations less than 72 hours before the departure of the Trek or with less than 40 spaces available.
  • If you wish, you can subscribe to receive the availability: once a week for a chosen month or once a day for a chosen week.

For those who would not have spaces for a certain date, we offer an alternative Trek: the Salcantay Trek, which is available every day (from April to September) or the Machu Picchu Tour. Moreover, if you book the Salcantay trek on fixed dates, we will give you for free the rental of the sleeping bag.

The dates for 2015 are: Nov 11.

The calendar below indicates available spaces and allows you to chose the departure date of your trek (dates in green). For each day, we propose a departure, which can be of 3 types:

  • departure: Trek at a regular price, without offer, for departures with confirmed groups on fixed days: on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • special offer: Trek at a regular price, with a free rental of synthetic sleeping bags, for departures on special dates.
  • + extra charge: Trek with an extra charge of US$ 120 for departures without confirmed groups: on Tuesday, Thrusday and Sunday.

  September 2015

October 2015 - No space available

November 2015  
See another month:

No space available for October 2015.
Please, choose another month, another Trek (Salcantay Trail) or the Machu Picchu Tour.


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