Inca Trail
An adventure through the path of the Sun

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The Inca Trail hike can be done in 2 or 4 days, departure and arrival in Cuzco. It includes the transfer from/to your hotel, the entrance and the guided tour of the Machu Picchu Citadel, guides, train, etc. (see the full list of inclusions for the 2-day Inca Trail and the 4-day Inca Trail). You can also see the prices of the 2-day Inca Trail and the 4-day Inca Trail. You can also check the details of the 2-day and 4-day treks.

  2-day Inca Trail 4-day Inca Trail
Departure point Cuzco Cuzco
Trek departure point Km 104 Km 82
Trek arrival point Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu
Total trekking distance 7 miles
(12 km)
28 miles - 8+7+10+3
(45 km - 13+11+16+5)
Total trekking duration 6 hours 25 hours
Breakfast 1 3
Lunch 2 4
Snack 1 3
Dinner 1 3
Accommodation 1 night (hotel included) 3 nights (camping)
Visit of Machu Picchu
Return by train
(Expedition class)

(Expedition class)